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I'm Sanja

Certified Life Coach & Woman Empowerment Expert

Welcome to the Life of Divina, Beautiful!

I'm really happy and excited to have you here! You know why? Because I believe in this thing called the Law of Attraction and that's why I know that you being here is no coincidence.

You are looking for something or someone to help you improve or transform your life, and I can do exactly that for you. I'm guessing you are a woman who had a difficult past or just lost her way but still has that deep desire to create The Lush Life while owning and being proud of her femininity.

Being a Woman is something I am very proud of and I believe every Woman should be too, no matter what the male-dominated culture wants you to believe.​ You are special. You are unique. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are worthy.

Know this - Everything You Are Looking For Is Already Within You. (read that again!) I'm just here to help you uncover it.





This is how

I Can Help You


It all starts with

easing the weight of your Past so you are free to discover your true and authentic self.

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Learn to control

your thoughts, emotions, and perspective so you can practice self-love in every situation. 

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The most important

ingredient of any kind of change is the belief you are capable and deserving of it.

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(oh, that dreaded word) is something that can be practiced with grace and ease.

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Become a woman

who will embody a whole new attitude that will open you up to new experiences.

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Add a bit of sass

to your life and uncover your own feminine appeal.

I would love to get to know you better and understand the reasons underlying your desire to transform.
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To create something

you have never had,

you must become someone

you have never been.

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Wondering where to start?

With BELIEVING you CAN BE all that you want to be!

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