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My Story

My name is Sanja Tully and I would like to welcome you here, in my virtual home.

I hope you're enjoying your stay. Please feel welcome to browse through all the rooms (I especially recommend The Blog).


My real home is in a cold, but beautiful Alaska, with my hunky husband and three cute doggies. It's a perfect place for a nature lover like me. The only bad side is that I ruin my high heels a lot easier (I'm never giving up on those!).

I spend most of my time snuggling with my furry babies, FaceTiming my daughter who lives in Europe, reading, and cooking yummy food. I can't live without pasta and red wine and am addicted to coffee and chocolate. When I'm not working I'm browsing through lifestyle magazines because I LOVE all things beauty, makeup, fashion, and home decor.


If you want to get instantly in my good graces just bring me fresh flowers, I'm a sucker for those. My husband is using this fact a lot.

But like all good stories, mine didn't start this way.

I was raised (and lived most of my life) in Croatia. From an early age, because of my "lush" body, I was subjected to sexual harassment. When I was 9, I was assaulted by a pedophile. That all caused me to struggle with my inner femininity and self-confidence because I didn't want to attract much-unwanted attention. 

Over time, I forgot who I was and became whom everyone expected me to be.

In my twenties, I got married, gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, and started living, what some would call, a perfect life. The slowly growing awareness that I wasn't living my authentic life, led me to feel like I was living in a golden cage, utterly alone.

There is no worse feeling than feeling completely alone when you're sharing your life with somebody who should be your life partner, but who doesn't really see you, for who you are.

When I finally decided that life is too short to be living like that and got divorced, everybody but my best friend (and kinda sorta my dad) abandoned me. People whom I knew since first grade. My mom. The whole town was buzzing with made-up stories. It was devastating to me. 

I closed out from the world completely, not really trusting anybody anymore.

I spent my days trying to escape my reality, not being able at that point to fight my way to the light. I used all of the energy I had just to get up from bed, go to work, and care for my daughter. Otherwise, I was in my deep black cave, wanting to crawl out only when things got better.  

As a single mom, I constantly worried if I could provide my daughter with a good life. Living off of $850 at that time I was barely getting by and all my dreams of a better life looked completely unrealistic.


I put a huge amount of pressure on myself. I felt like it was "me against the world". Lemme tell you, it's not a good way to live sister.

I hit a rock bottom when I caught myself thinking how peaceful it would be if I just turn to the other side of the road, in front of an advancing truck.


"Nobody would really miss me and Lara is very young, she'll forget". (tears are coming down my face even now when I remember that time). My darkness became too much for me to handle anymore.

It was a brutal wake-up call. My daughter deserved better. I deserved better.

I started looking for ways to help myself. I found that in the Law of Attraction and teachings based on controlling your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

It was incredibly empowering to understand that you really CAN create the life you desire. That life doesn't have to be so hard. That you don't need to earn anything because you are already worthy of everything you crave.

I started imagining the life I would enjoy living. I dreamed about the woman I wanted to be.


I embraced an entirely new approach to life. I decided to start to embody the woman I wanted to be NOW, not some future date when all my goals were reached and I felt good enough. I stopped pushing and pressuring my way to the better life and started allowing myself the luxury of making it there in my way, at my pace.

One by one, I shed the limiting beliefs I had in the Past that were weighing me down. I began appreciating the beauty my life already held, in abundance.

I've never looked back.


Finding fulfillment and joy was not a one day fix for me and it likely won’t be for you, sister. The path can be challenging, but oh SO WORTH IT! And, I'll be there to help you along the way. One day at a time.

Always smile
Flowers are girls best friend
The best is yet to come
Chocolate makes everything better
The most important thing in my life

Sanja's Official Bio

Sanja Tully is a certified life coach and a founder of women empowerment coaching business Life of Divina.

She was born and lived most of her life in Croatia. Now she lives in a cold, but beautiful Alaska, with her hunky husband and three cute doggies. She is incredibly proud to be a mom of her 11 years old daughter, who is a reason and inspiration for everything she does in life.

Her career path started in Sales and Marketing, right after graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb. During her 15 years of work experience in managerial and leadership positions, she learned the value of the relationship-building approach in every segment of her work. That became her secret in conquering heavily male-dominated product based industry and making a name for herself. She realized that feminine traits like a desire for beauty, kindness, empathy, intuition, nurturing, and honestly caring about other people were her biggest strengths, and not weaknesses how her male counterparts wanted her to believe. Even when she was working in a very competitive environment, her key account clients worked with her actually BECAUSE she was a Woman.

That realization made her want to share my experiences and knowledge with other women, empowering them to live their, beautifully feminine, authentic lives, and this is how The Life of Divina was born.

Her purpose is to change the world by empowering women to become holders of strength, light, warmth, and kindness, and to pass that magic to their children so they can make this world a better place.