your life

It’s one thing to know something.
It’s something else entirely to experience it.

You're wondering what makes this program so special? 

Well, let me tell you...

I believe that the ONLY way to real and long term change is through self-love and acceptance. You can't get there if you first don't make peace with your Past. Whatever has happened to you, however hard or traumatic - you need to let it go. Some things you will never forget, but you can still forgive or at least make peace with it. Not because of somebody else, but because of you and your Future. I know that this is a very hard thing to do and that's why I put a lot of effort and time to develop the strategy that will help you get there.

Five of ten steps of the  Transform Your Life program are about dealing with your Past and all the ways it influences your Present, whether you are aware of it or not (and trust me, people are usually unaware of this fact), and how to break free from that.


Most coaches focus only on techniques that allow you to create from your current state of mind, by actions you perform on a current "mental" level. I'm going much deeper. We will travel to the very core of You and help you to understand Why your reality is as it is and how to change it through a real internal shift in your being.  


Sooo, what else is there for me?

After we finally let go of our Past and the grip it has on us, now the really fun part starts! Creating the life you desire! Every one of us is different and different things make us happy and bring joy and fulfillment in our lives. Now we're going to discover who YOUR Ideal Self is and how your personal Dream Life looks like and then set an action plan that will get you there


We will tackle the price of change and identify conflicts of identities and beliefs that are blocking you. Also, we will define your core values and your vision which will help you make empowered and quick decisions further in life.


Probably the most important aspect of all will be taking control over your life - over your thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions.  You will learn that discipline (oh, that dreaded word) can be sexy. We will also discuss what changes you need to do in your Outer World, meaning style, beauty, home and lifestyle (I got you beautiful!). I know that this all looks like a lot, but all of those steps are really important and you have me to help you through it!

Yes, finally.

How will this program help you change your life?

This program will get you the results you're longing for because we will uncover your deepest and truest reasons why you act and have beliefs like you do, what triggers you, what gets you going - so we can use that to help you heal and let go of things that don't serve you to create the life you desire. It is an all-encompassing strategy that tackles all important elements of personal transformation. It transforms your Inner and Outer World. 

Did I mention it does that with a lot of clarity, simplicity, encouragement, inspiration, style, and just a bit of sass? You gotta spice things up, right?

Of course, you have me to tell you that You Can Do This, but also to give you some tough love if necessary (you're gonna get an accountability partner in me sister!).

I got you. Whatever you share with me is only between two of us. You are safe with me. 

You can probably look at the Transform Your Life as a combination of therapy and life coaching. Although I'm not a certified therapist, through my life experience (you can read more in My Story) I gained a lot of practical knowledge and would love to help you if you're going through an especially hard time too.


Who is this program for? 

Please, read this!

Since I put a lot of my soul and energy into working with every one of my clients I would like to make clear whom this program is designed for and who will benefit most from it. 

The Lush Life is designed for ladies who are weighted by their difficult past, huge societal pressures or just plain overwhelmed. It caused them to lose their way and now they are stumbling from day to day, just trying to get to tomorrow or some other time in the future that life will get better. But that day is just not coming, and they just can't wait anymore. They don't want to lose another week, or month or year of their life feeling lost, stuck, anxious, depressed, lonely or misunderstood. They want to THRIVE AND ENJOY LIFE. Understanding that in order to get more love and peace in their life you first need to become it. It took you years of your life experience (and programming your mind) to get you where you are now and you understand it all can't change just by some magic trick. So you realize that they need to put time, focus and effort in their way to their better life.

Are you ready for your transformation?

Not sure you're ready to commit to the journey?

I got you, sister!

You might be thinking "This all is really great but I'm just not sure if I'm ready to do all that it takes right now.". I can totally understand that because the mind shift you need to create in order to transform your life really does take a lot of effort at the beginning. Like I said before, you can't override years of programming just "like that". But that is why you have me. To HELP YOU do that! 


Why don't you hop on a 90-minutes Breakthrough Session call and tell me what are your biggest concerns and struggles? This way you'll get the taste of The Lush Life program and see if we're the right fit.

So beautiful, are you excited to start living a new life?